While being questioned in a 1988 deposition, Mayor Tom Bradley clearly admits receiving funds (legal bribes) from private interests — Groups who would defraud the city of Los Angeles, at the financial and social cost of her citizens.
tom bradley

Mayor Bradley describes meeting with private interests behind-closed-doors, regarding "assurances" he can expect, in return for his "consideration".

Mayor Tom Bradley - Corruption

Mayor Bradley — lobbied/implicitly-bribed by Broad — would oversee the award to Kaufman and Broad who developed nothing, and resold the rights; costing the citizens of South Central Los Angeles several more years of no access.
South Central - Anatomy of a Hustle

Because private interests always wish to "share" their plans with government officials without expectation of reward (sarcasm).

Mayor Tom Bradley being Lobied

Mayor Bradley acknowledges that the "Most Responsible Bidders" under his corrupt scheme failed time and again to develop ANY services for the people of Los Angeles.

Seven Years Later