Clinton Galloway Speaks before the Department of Transportation (appointed by members of City Council) and requests an explanation regarding the appearance of political favoratism, incompetence and bias. (part1)

Department Proceedings part 1

The Department of Transportation (inexplicably placed in charge of the oversight for new Cable systems) has awarded "points" in a system subjective enough to justify their allegiance to special interests. (part2)

Department Proceedings part 2


Clinton points out discrepancies which are irreconcilble and that cannot be justified. The "winning" bid has miscalculated the amount of miles needed for a functional cable system within the Los Angeles area in question. (part3)

Department Proceedings part 3


Members of the Department ask Mr. Galloway to speak more slowly to accomodate their lack of "sophistication". Clinton brings to the attention of the Department, the arbitrary nature of their point system (part 4)

Department Proceedings part 4


Clinton Galloway discusses the awarding of more points to the bidder with the least amount of proposed Studios. (part 6)

Department Proceedings part 6


Specific contradictions within the Department's report are pointed out here. (part 8)

Department Proceedings part 8


Both bidders proposing highest amount of chanels receive fewest amount of points in the politically biased ranking system geared to provide favors to special interests. (part 9)

Department Proceedings part 9


The highest 'repsonible bidder' receives more points for a faster estimated time of completion -- an estimation only possible for having incorrectly estimated the number of miles. An estimate over 20% beneath the findings of the department themselves. (part 10)

Department Proceedings part 10


Despite their manifest ignorance, the board requests the 'positive' aspects of SCTV.
At 2:21 - Clinton Galloway explains that a member of the Council used inside information to later compete on behalf of private interests -- in direct violation of Charter. (part 16)

Department Proceedings part 16


Carl Galloway calls attention to the explicit misstatement of facts provided by members of the department, and indicts the board for practicing Chicago style politics (part17)

Department Proceedings part 17


The inconsistent and contradictory nature of the Department's evaluation is questioned by a member of the Council.

Department Proceedings part 18