Chronology of a Hustle

1) In 1979 the Galloway brothers sought to establish a cable franchise in Los Angeles.  They teamed up with experts in the field and were backed by powerful sources of funding.

     Audio Recording: Department Proceedings - Department of Transportation


2) One of the City Council members, Councilman Robert Farrell provided his deputy Johnson to assist Clinton and Carl Galloway in dealing with the City bureacracy (Johnson) meant to provide them advice, would later align with private interests using information privy to himself in virtue of his office.

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(Above) Having clearly acknowledged Johnson's presence as a consultant to the Galloways, Farrell later recommends to Private Developers Johson's "newly" formed group as the most capable for the job (Below). This violates all codes of ethical practices and standards.



   Source File: Blakewell Deposition: June 06, 1988

3) To favor the special interests -- who at no time demonstrated the capacity or desire to develop cable television for South Central Los Angeles -- the Dept of Transportation, a department of the City of Los Angeles. The chairman served at the pleasure of Mayor Bradley and could be fired at any time, evaluated bids in a manner divorced from all objective standards, and in a way self-contradictory.

The Board of Transportation Commissioners, appointed by the Mayor was supposed to evalate the report in an independent fashion.

     Department of Transportation Report

4) K&B with Johnson and bakewell assumed the contract, never performed, and years later would sell this privilege at a profit. (CCI was the ATC company. they dropped out in late 1981 after being deemed the most "responsible bidder")

     tom bradley

     Mayor Tom Bradley - Corruption

     Mayor Tom Bradley being Lobied

(Mayor Bradley Deposition Highlights)

5) Next, in 1986, American Cable Systems purchased the Franchise privilege from K&B whereupon they too produced little service for the people of South Central Los Angeles. They sold the franchise to Continental Cable six months later and made a large profit. This was a fleecing and a corporate shell game.

     free speech

6) The grounds by which the City of Los Angeles prevented the Galloway Brothers (Universal Cable/5 Star) were deemed unconstitutional, and a non-incidental burden upon free speech, like the newpaers using the corner to sell their newspapers, same principle.


     (USDC Memorandum)

7) Receiving a landmark 9-0 ruling in their favor by the Supreme Court of the United States, the case was sent back down to be resolved by the Cronies in the Los Angeles Justice System.

8) The corporate-owned judge would hold the case for five years with no jury trial, ultimately determining that the City had been violating the Galloways' Fist Amendment right for 10 years.

She would award ONE dollar, for a decade-long injustice.

(The value of the First Amendment, according to the City of Los Angeles)